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Featured Charity 2019World Bicycle Relief

We’re very proud to introduce to you the WBR which does a fantastic job by helping kids get to school, but also by creating jobs through local servicing networks for the bicycles they supply.

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In the developing world, reliable transportation can make a huge difference. Bicycles multiply opportunities for education, healthcare and economic development.

The Facts

Many kids, and especially girls, have to wake up at the crack of dawn to help with chores around the house, and travel long distances to go to school, usually by foot.

The bike helps them by drastically cutting their travel time, and therefore enabling them to stay in education.

How We Can Help

Furva is working closely with the World Bicycle Relief, who supply purpose made bikes to enable African kids to travel to school, amongst other life changing activities.

£95.00 supplies a bike for 1 kid, As our website is free to its members, all we ask is that you help these guys.

Suggested minimum donation is £5.00 or $5.00.