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Furva is designed for cyclists, runners, hikers, swimmers, climbers and triathletes, amongst others.

Furva is non elitist and potential members of all levels and abilities are welcomed.

The beginning

Furva is designed to help athletes, sportspeople and adventurers connect with their peers, log their sporting achievements, and create their own club.

We created Furva for everybody, not just the super fit. So if you haven't run a marathon or cycled a 100 mile sportive yet, with Furva, your time will come.

Our aim is to harness an active community of people, who can motivate each other, and also inspire people, especially children, to take part in outdoor activities and sport.

Furva is at the forefront of the quest for fitness, a global challenge to fight obesity and other health and mental issues associated with our modern sedentary and stressful lifestyle.

We also want to encourage the creation of local clubs, however small, to enhance local communities and offer a platform for people to enjoy sporting and outdoor activities in the company of others.

What do we want in exchange? That you help others when possible by creating fundraising events for our preferred charity, Right to Play, or a charity of your choice.

Furva has all the tools you'll need so it couldn't be easier. Just invite all your mates, family, neighbours, colleagues, to a 5km run or 1km walk for example, and collect a small entry fee on behalf of the charity.

"I came up with the Furva idea when I was first looking for a local cycling club, and realised that there wasn't one. The nearest club was 30mn ride away from where I lived. It didn't make sense to me why, even in London, I couldn't meet and ride with local people.

I also got fed up with having to carry expensive tech around to gather data I didn't really need. What was important to me, my main achievements, could be summarised very easily, with simple data.

So I started Furva mainly to address these points. But the project quickly evolved into what I hope will be a game changer in the world of sport and outdoor activity: a tool to help build and grow active communities of fit, happy and supportive people."

Emmanuel Baumard, Founder.

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